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  • When Jordan was asked to go Sunday school and Bible camp, as a child, he did it to please his parents. Those are the places where God started working in his life, he says. Jordan shares that knowing God is a process -- a process of him showing his love to God, and God showing His love to Jordan..

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Tribal Trails is First Nations people telling their life stories.

In September these guests tell how they've found hope -- real and lasting!


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Faran & Vivian Steinhauer both grew up in foster homes. They tell how Christ has helped them overcome this and other obstacles in their lives.


Bill Jackson explains, from God's Word, about the original "fall" of humankind. But now we can make the right choice of following the Lord!

Michael Hopp tells how unemployment, addiction, poor health, inferiority, and even hatred, drove him to the Lord.

Perry Stelter teaches from Joshua chapter 24 about God's sovereignty ... of His being in control. God sets His people apart for a purpose.


David Dunn explains "the yoke of Jesus." In Jesus' day people were weary of all the "do's & don'ts." But Jesus' yoke has a lot to do with "love."

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