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  • After his brother passed away in 2005, David Cheechoo started to wonder why people have to endure so much suffering. The answer began to be revealed.

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Tribal Trails is First Nations people telling their life stories.

In April these guests tell how they've found hope -- real and lasting!

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Vernon Grant and several other guests help us understand the physical and spiritual significance of blood, and what it means to be "purchased by Christ's blood."


Life was peaceful for Georgina Macdonald growing up in the small community of Camsell Portage. But after her family moved, it ended ...


Nicole Williams tells of her troubled childhood, and following years. Later, wanting a change for her daughter's sake, she found Christ. It's a wonderful story of deliverance!


Mary Lathlin says she found peace in God even when her husband left her for awhile. She says she has experienced reward from God for being faithful to Him.


Elvira Cote tells of growing up in an alcohol and violence-filled environment. Now she shares the Gospel in Winnipeg's North End because she wants others to also "live for Christ."



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